Ales of War

Baleric's Journal Entry : Shadowfell

First Entry:

Apparently, the local Alms House of Pelor in Overlook is build on top of a set of gates to the Shadowfell. Who would have thought. These gates were guarded by Wraiths and used by the Shadar-Kai and Dark Ones in the service of a Dark One called Modra to move goods between there and Overlook. This is the same Modra who put a bounty on all our heads.

To make matters worse, we’re now stuck in the Shadowfell side of the gate. We had to retreat through one of the gates in pursuit of a surviving Dark One and because something angry was headed our way through the hole in the corner of the gate-room. There was no other way out. The door leading back to surface magically locked when the Wraith fell upon us. The Dark One called them as the Guardians of the gate. So now, we are on the trail of this Dark One…

Second Entry:

We entered the encampment surrounding the forge and fortress we saw from the temple where we spent the night. On our way in we saw a Relorn column about 3 companies marching out of the camp to the east. I didn’t recognize the units, but i didn’t care to get close enough to make their company standards. Later that day a mercenary drinking at the bar impart the following. Mercenaries stop at this camp equipped then sent through the gate to the east of the camp on raids.

The Relorn column was escorting a diplomatic mission sent to meet with Sarshan. He is the one who has put a bounty on the Dark One, Modra. This Sarshan also backed the Hobgoblin “Red Hand” lead by Sinruth; we encountered in the ruins of Rivenroar castle outside of Brindol per the letter we found. I remember, the style of that letter seemed familiar.

Now, we need to get into that fortress – to see if there is another gate out of here – since the temple gate is blocked and the east gate will not take us to Overlook. I also need to get a look at this Sarshan because that letter has been troubling me for a while now….



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