Ales of War

DM's Magical Recap

The party reconnoitered the camp and were surprised to learn that not all Relloran troops had departed. A contingent of the Ebon Lance, the Relloran special forces, remained and the party set an ambush. The plan fell apart, however, due to a meddling thief and Ophelia’s barely controlled temper.

Approached by an unlikely source, a Shadar-Kai, the party learned that Modra was no longer welcome at the camp, having brokered a side deal for his own profit with the orcs which attacked Bordrin’s Watch. Modra had a price on his head and was surely up to no good. In addition, small tremors were becoming more frequent.

After applying some guile and brute force, the party confronted Modra and his lackies within the Shadow Forge itself, attempting something that resulted in a blackish tar substance being added to the river of molten fire. The fight was grueling but eventually the group triumphed. Before they could celebrate, however, the elemental flame seemed to take poorly to the floul tar and fire began to consume the whole forge. So the party retreated through a hidden passage in the Fortress itself.

With tremors growing worse, the party made their way up, fighting off some surprised Shadar-Kai along the way. They discovered an inactive portal above but before they could make good their exit they were discovered and surrounded by guards.

Confronted at last by Sarshan himself, revealed to be the old man who had set them on Modra’s path back in overlook. His paleness now clearly not due to age and any other non-human features obscured by old plague scars. Sarshan thanked the party for their aid and surprisingly offered them employment, adding only “if I were as cruel as everyone says, I would send you back to watch your world die.”

Before any action could be taken on the party’s decision, a runner appeared claiming the foundry was in flames. Sarshan and his gurds departed in a hurry, leaving the party under the guard of the Ebon Lance. They instantly recognized Sir Baleric Morgan and as tempers flared a battle ensued.

Though the party had the enemy on the ropes a tremendous earthquake began to shake the fortress apart. The Lance members made good their escape through the portal with the party not far behind.



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