Ales of War

Johan's adventuring log


Some Dwarven ruckus was riding through Brindol this morning and woke me up! I went back to bed, but when I awoke those overly loud dwarves left signs asking for mercenaries for the city of Outlook in the Elsir Vale. Employment at last!

After we gathered our equipment, we gathered at the local Ferryman’s guild. The halfling was clearing trying to rip us off, but between my negotiation skills and Baleric’s silver tongue, we managed to work him down to a reasonable price. Go team!

Naturally I was the one piloting our river worthy vessel and I got us down river In excellent time if I do say so myself. Orsic was really good at spotting rocks. I suppose when you are short like him that comes naturally.

After a day’s worth of sailing I beached the raft and we made camp for the night. D’wain caught some animals, but that seemed to have run afoul with the local elf population. The next morning we made for Outlook when we were ambushed by a group or Orcs! While I was formulating a battle strategy, my companions got swept up in the moment and ran off in every direction! But as usual, we triumphed and killed our vile enemies.

We arrived shortly after to the city of Outlook. While we were outside the gates, I had a chance to ponder about those undead children milling about. Is that an abomination, or just plain sad? Abominsad? Well, we need to find a place to rest, then get ready for our job!



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