Ales of War

Johan's adventuring log, entry 2

Johan’s Adventure Diary Journal

Overlook is a pretty big city. Larger than most of the ports I frequented in the Vale growing up but thankfully a kind Halfling child with a pixie companion very kindly gave out maps at the city entrance. Well, I think it was a child; it’s hard to tell with Halflings… But we were able to navigate our way to the center of the city to the recruiting office to become official mercenaries of the city of Overlook and free ourselves from this oppressive unemployment. Our work begins in 2 days.

We found a quaint little inn named Beldun’s Rest to lodge for the night. The prices were reasonable, but I do not approve of the owner’s racism. I mean, Tieflings can stay for free, but humans pay full price? Not cool. Racism aside, it was a cozy place that reminded me of my time with Mialee her when we snuck out of Port Picon for a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast for travelers. Those were the days…

Good morning Diary Journal! After a hearty breakfast, Ming with great enthusiasm declared he was going to visit Durgan’s Brewery in search for women. Again. Personally, I think if he ever saw a case of Sailor’s Rot up close he’d be far less excited at the prospect of strange women in foreign cities. Ophelia seems upset at something and my guess is that she’s angry over the innkeeper’s patronizing racism, too. It must be tough being half demon. Baleric’s going to visit the Divine Knot and that seems like as good as a place as any to spend the day. I should be ablle to take a nap in the pews.

What a dump! I’ve seen flaming ships with sounder structural integrity than this! At some point you need to cut your losses, rip it all down and start anew. But before I could ponder on this subject, we were ambushed by bandits dropping from ceiling and pouring in from the hole in the wall. I don’t know where Orsic was when we were ambushed, leaving Baleric, D’wain, Ophelia and myself to defend the priest of the temple of Bahamut After a short melee, my companions were able to defeat and bandits and I managed to take one alive for questioning, and we found Orsic near the back behind some of the pews.

You know, I am not a particularly religious man, but even I find something wrong about a ‘devout’ paladin of Bahamut beating a helpless man in front of the dais. Showing Baleric the error of his interrogative ways, I was able to extract some information from our captive. Apparently he is a zealot of the Raven Queen, and they were looking for us and are part of some shadow car…thing. Great, psychos from the death queen are looking for us. Maybe they are from Relorran, but before I could ask Ophelia slices the guy’s skull open all over the floor! I guess being hunted by agents of the Raven Queen would make me homicidal, too. I left the priest a few gold pieces to apologize for the mess.

We decided to get some drinks from a nearby bar to soothe our nerves after that encounter, and I stumbled on to an epiphany upon drinking the Azimondes’ Tongue they had on tap; the reason that Ophelia is always so angry is because Tiefling alcohol is so horrible. I know I’d be constantly upset if my race was associated with such a disgusting drink. I needed 3 shots of whiskey just to wash that crap down!

We eventually returned to Beldun’s Rest as night drew near and we finally found Ming. He was ghost white and mumbling something about Dwarf women braiding their beards. This looks like the onset symptoms of Sorcerous Rash.I should get some rest, and keep some distance from Ming for now.



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