Ales of War

Johan's adventuring log, entry 4

As we continued out investigations into what evil forces were trying to kill us this time, we followed a lead I acquired into the evil Mordera that led us to the almshouse of Pelor. My suspicions grew immediately upon entering and while Baleric, Ophelia and myself were distracting the kindly old couple, Orsic went on ahead to investigate their basement and found a secret passage. Lo and behold, the kindly old couple running this almshouse were secretly weapon smugglers!

As we investigated, we were confronted with a Shadar Kai witch and her shadow pets that we quickly dispensed of with little consequence. Upon her beaten corpse, D’wain found a pair of strange cylindrical keys, and crates of many black market weapons! Orsic was also mumbling something about his reluctance to taking prisoners. With the sad state of the Overlook judicial system, I cannot blame him.

In the next room we were confronted with none other than Mordera himself! With my impeccable skills, we were able to convince him we were some low level lackeys running errands to draw him in close so we could capture and interrogate him (And hopefully this time Baleric would not get carried away and kill the prisoner again!). At the last minute, the pint sized villain saw through our ruse and activated a trap, summoning foul wraiths as he tried to steal the key to escape through a magic portal in the room!

We were backed into a corner and outnumbered by the ravenous dead! This is when a less experience group would panic and exasperate the danger that was facing them, but with strong words of encouragement, I was able to turn our fighting company into a well honed edge of undead slaying! Orsic was running circles around the now-confused abominations, Ophelia held off a group of them, Ming and D’wain were blasting them with their arcane magiks, and I was directing Baleric to use his holy powers to smite the ghosts. With my commands, I had never seen Baleric move so quickly, his entire spirit infused with holiness as I stood by his side to protect him from the malevolent spirits. Sadly, while intercepting a blow meant to end the paladin, Mordea managed to steal my key and escape through the portal, but not before I was able to wound him with a quick blow with my sword.

After the battle as we were licking our wounds, D’wain managed to unravel the complex arcane mechanisms of the portal. We steeled ourselves and stepped through to hunt down the wicked Mordera.

Stepping through the portal, we found ourselves in the dreaded Shadowfell overlooking a foreboding fortress. If Mordera has gone that way, we will need to pursue him. Hopefully we’ll find our way out, too. I’d hate to die in a place like this without seeing the pristine shores of Nentir again….



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