Ales of War

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Johan's adventuring log


Some Dwarven ruckus was riding through Brindol this morning and woke me up! I went back to bed, but when I awoke those overly loud dwarves left signs asking for mercenaries for the city of Outlook in the Elsir Vale. Employment at last!

After we gathered our equipment, we gathered at the local Ferryman’s guild. The halfling was clearing trying to rip us off, but between my negotiation skills and Baleric’s silver tongue, we managed to work him down to a reasonable price. Go team!

Naturally I was the one piloting our river worthy vessel and I got us down river In excellent time if I do say so myself. Orsic was really good at spotting rocks. I suppose when you are short like him that comes naturally.

After a day’s worth of sailing I beached the raft and we made camp for the night. D’wain caught some animals, but that seemed to have run afoul with the local elf population. The next morning we made for Outlook when we were ambushed by a group or Orcs! While I was formulating a battle strategy, my companions got swept up in the moment and ran off in every direction! But as usual, we triumphed and killed our vile enemies.

We arrived shortly after to the city of Outlook. While we were outside the gates, I had a chance to ponder about those undead children milling about. Is that an abomination, or just plain sad? Abominsad? Well, we need to find a place to rest, then get ready for our job!

April 3rd Item Summary

Andronsius Provided the Party with the following consumables:

  1. Herbal Poultice x2
  2. Antivenom x2
Johan's adventuring log, entry 2

Johan’s Adventure Diary Journal

Overlook is a pretty big city. Larger than most of the ports I frequented in the Vale growing up but thankfully a kind Halfling child with a pixie companion very kindly gave out maps at the city entrance. Well, I think it was a child; it’s hard to tell with Halflings… But we were able to navigate our way to the center of the city to the recruiting office to become official mercenaries of the city of Overlook and free ourselves from this oppressive unemployment. Our work begins in 2 days.

We found a quaint little inn named Beldun’s Rest to lodge for the night. The prices were reasonable, but I do not approve of the owner’s racism. I mean, Tieflings can stay for free, but humans pay full price? Not cool. Racism aside, it was a cozy place that reminded me of my time with Mialee her when we snuck out of Port Picon for a romantic weekend at a bed and breakfast for travelers. Those were the days…

Good morning Diary Journal! After a hearty breakfast, Ming with great enthusiasm declared he was going to visit Durgan’s Brewery in search for women. Again. Personally, I think if he ever saw a case of Sailor’s Rot up close he’d be far less excited at the prospect of strange women in foreign cities. Ophelia seems upset at something and my guess is that she’s angry over the innkeeper’s patronizing racism, too. It must be tough being half demon. Baleric’s going to visit the Divine Knot and that seems like as good as a place as any to spend the day. I should be ablle to take a nap in the pews.

What a dump! I’ve seen flaming ships with sounder structural integrity than this! At some point you need to cut your losses, rip it all down and start anew. But before I could ponder on this subject, we were ambushed by bandits dropping from ceiling and pouring in from the hole in the wall. I don’t know where Orsic was when we were ambushed, leaving Baleric, D’wain, Ophelia and myself to defend the priest of the temple of Bahamut After a short melee, my companions were able to defeat and bandits and I managed to take one alive for questioning, and we found Orsic near the back behind some of the pews.

You know, I am not a particularly religious man, but even I find something wrong about a ‘devout’ paladin of Bahamut beating a helpless man in front of the dais. Showing Baleric the error of his interrogative ways, I was able to extract some information from our captive. Apparently he is a zealot of the Raven Queen, and they were looking for us and are part of some shadow car…thing. Great, psychos from the death queen are looking for us. Maybe they are from Relorran, but before I could ask Ophelia slices the guy’s skull open all over the floor! I guess being hunted by agents of the Raven Queen would make me homicidal, too. I left the priest a few gold pieces to apologize for the mess.

We decided to get some drinks from a nearby bar to soothe our nerves after that encounter, and I stumbled on to an epiphany upon drinking the Azimondes’ Tongue they had on tap; the reason that Ophelia is always so angry is because Tiefling alcohol is so horrible. I know I’d be constantly upset if my race was associated with such a disgusting drink. I needed 3 shots of whiskey just to wash that crap down!

We eventually returned to Beldun’s Rest as night drew near and we finally found Ming. He was ghost white and mumbling something about Dwarf women braiding their beards. This looks like the onset symptoms of Sorcerous Rash.I should get some rest, and keep some distance from Ming for now.

Baleric's Journal Entry : Monastery of the Sundered Chain

This evening we breached the walls of the Monastery of the Sundered Chain and entered the forge below. We have slain many Orc tribesmen in our approach to Great Forge, but they in turn have slaughtered the monks of Moradin we came to rescue. I fear we may not find any survivors before this night is done. I dearly hope the situation in the Great Forge proves me wrong.

Johan's adventuring log, entry 3

Huh, so it was under my bed this entire time…

Baleric's Journal Entry : Shadowfell

First Entry:

Apparently, the local Alms House of Pelor in Overlook is build on top of a set of gates to the Shadowfell. Who would have thought. These gates were guarded by Wraiths and used by the Shadar-Kai and Dark Ones in the service of a Dark One called Modra to move goods between there and Overlook. This is the same Modra who put a bounty on all our heads.

To make matters worse, we’re now stuck in the Shadowfell side of the gate. We had to retreat through one of the gates in pursuit of a surviving Dark One and because something angry was headed our way through the hole in the corner of the gate-room. There was no other way out. The door leading back to surface magically locked when the Wraith fell upon us. The Dark One called them as the Guardians of the gate. So now, we are on the trail of this Dark One…

Second Entry:

We entered the encampment surrounding the forge and fortress we saw from the temple where we spent the night. On our way in we saw a Relorn column about 3 companies marching out of the camp to the east. I didn’t recognize the units, but i didn’t care to get close enough to make their company standards. Later that day a mercenary drinking at the bar impart the following. Mercenaries stop at this camp equipped then sent through the gate to the east of the camp on raids.

The Relorn column was escorting a diplomatic mission sent to meet with Sarshan. He is the one who has put a bounty on the Dark One, Modra. This Sarshan also backed the Hobgoblin “Red Hand” lead by Sinruth; we encountered in the ruins of Rivenroar castle outside of Brindol per the letter we found. I remember, the style of that letter seemed familiar.

Now, we need to get into that fortress – to see if there is another gate out of here – since the temple gate is blocked and the east gate will not take us to Overlook. I also need to get a look at this Sarshan because that letter has been troubling me for a while now….

Johan's adventuring log, entry 4

As we continued out investigations into what evil forces were trying to kill us this time, we followed a lead I acquired into the evil Mordera that led us to the almshouse of Pelor. My suspicions grew immediately upon entering and while Baleric, Ophelia and myself were distracting the kindly old couple, Orsic went on ahead to investigate their basement and found a secret passage. Lo and behold, the kindly old couple running this almshouse were secretly weapon smugglers!

As we investigated, we were confronted with a Shadar Kai witch and her shadow pets that we quickly dispensed of with little consequence. Upon her beaten corpse, D’wain found a pair of strange cylindrical keys, and crates of many black market weapons! Orsic was also mumbling something about his reluctance to taking prisoners. With the sad state of the Overlook judicial system, I cannot blame him.

In the next room we were confronted with none other than Mordera himself! With my impeccable skills, we were able to convince him we were some low level lackeys running errands to draw him in close so we could capture and interrogate him (And hopefully this time Baleric would not get carried away and kill the prisoner again!). At the last minute, the pint sized villain saw through our ruse and activated a trap, summoning foul wraiths as he tried to steal the key to escape through a magic portal in the room!

We were backed into a corner and outnumbered by the ravenous dead! This is when a less experience group would panic and exasperate the danger that was facing them, but with strong words of encouragement, I was able to turn our fighting company into a well honed edge of undead slaying! Orsic was running circles around the now-confused abominations, Ophelia held off a group of them, Ming and D’wain were blasting them with their arcane magiks, and I was directing Baleric to use his holy powers to smite the ghosts. With my commands, I had never seen Baleric move so quickly, his entire spirit infused with holiness as I stood by his side to protect him from the malevolent spirits. Sadly, while intercepting a blow meant to end the paladin, Mordea managed to steal my key and escape through the portal, but not before I was able to wound him with a quick blow with my sword.

After the battle as we were licking our wounds, D’wain managed to unravel the complex arcane mechanisms of the portal. We steeled ourselves and stepped through to hunt down the wicked Mordera.

Stepping through the portal, we found ourselves in the dreaded Shadowfell overlooking a foreboding fortress. If Mordera has gone that way, we will need to pursue him. Hopefully we’ll find our way out, too. I’d hate to die in a place like this without seeing the pristine shores of Nentir again….

DM's Magical Recap

The party reconnoitered the camp and were surprised to learn that not all Relloran troops had departed. A contingent of the Ebon Lance, the Relloran special forces, remained and the party set an ambush. The plan fell apart, however, due to a meddling thief and Ophelia’s barely controlled temper.

Approached by an unlikely source, a Shadar-Kai, the party learned that Modra was no longer welcome at the camp, having brokered a side deal for his own profit with the orcs which attacked Bordrin’s Watch. Modra had a price on his head and was surely up to no good. In addition, small tremors were becoming more frequent.

After applying some guile and brute force, the party confronted Modra and his lackies within the Shadow Forge itself, attempting something that resulted in a blackish tar substance being added to the river of molten fire. The fight was grueling but eventually the group triumphed. Before they could celebrate, however, the elemental flame seemed to take poorly to the floul tar and fire began to consume the whole forge. So the party retreated through a hidden passage in the Fortress itself.

With tremors growing worse, the party made their way up, fighting off some surprised Shadar-Kai along the way. They discovered an inactive portal above but before they could make good their exit they were discovered and surrounded by guards.

Confronted at last by Sarshan himself, revealed to be the old man who had set them on Modra’s path back in overlook. His paleness now clearly not due to age and any other non-human features obscured by old plague scars. Sarshan thanked the party for their aid and surprisingly offered them employment, adding only “if I were as cruel as everyone says, I would send you back to watch your world die.”

Before any action could be taken on the party’s decision, a runner appeared claiming the foundry was in flames. Sarshan and his gurds departed in a hurry, leaving the party under the guard of the Ebon Lance. They instantly recognized Sir Baleric Morgan and as tempers flared a battle ensued.

Though the party had the enemy on the ropes a tremendous earthquake began to shake the fortress apart. The Lance members made good their escape through the portal with the party not far behind.


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