This small blue-green marble and its single moon spin a slow path around the yellow sun “Lux.”

The planet has 4 major land masses spread evenly across its surface and temperatures range from temperate to extremes closer to the equator and poles.

Axis completes a full rotation around Lux every 372 days.

It was named by the earliest human civilization for the planet’s supposedly unique quality of being situated on an inter-dimensional hub, connecting several parallel dimensions or “Planes.”

It is thought that the flow of energy through the material world to other Planes is the source of all magic.

Long ago, travel between Planes to places like the Shadowfell or the Feywild was common through ancient gateways but the gateways shutdown abruptly and inexplicably several hundred years ago, leaving many extradiemsnional races like the Eladrin and Tieflings stranded on Axis. A handful of active Planar Gates remain but their locations are well fortified or closely guarded secrets.


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