Durundin occupies a large portion of the Western Hemisphere and is dominated by winding mountatin ranges and large stretches of grassy plains bordered by the Great Dessert to the South and Winterbight to the North.

Five geopolitical regions currently dominate Durundin:

Elsir Vale to the West, Nentir Vale to the Northeast, Relloran Kingdom to the East, Sutgar to the South and Wintersweep to the far North.

The continent was once almost completely dominated by a single country, Rhestor centered in the now ruined city of Rhest in Elsir Vale. When Rhestor fell to a combination of Orc tribes from the Wastelands to the West and internal corruption, all of Durundin suffered. While the Eastern portions eventually split into the three provinces of Sutgar, Nentir Vale and Relloran, the Western lands never fully recovered and have remained as largely independant city states.

Humans are the majority populace in Durundin followed closely by the Dwarves who’s culture originated in the Stonehome Mountains to the West.


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